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Starts Naha Operations Co. (here after referred to as "Hotel") will recognize guests personal information (here after referred to as "personal information") as important, and in order to offer good products and services, this Personal Information Protection Policy was put into effect. Again, the following Personal Information Protection Policy was made into law and will serve to protect personal information.

1. Definition of Personal Information, Possession of Personal Information Contents
Personal information refers to information relating to living persons which identify specific individuals. This information includes guest name, birth day, month, year, gender,present address, former address telephone number, fax number, place of employment, every kind of ID number, cellphone number, email address, etc., and will be acquisitioned and managed by the Hotel.

2. Means of Acquiring Personal Information
The Hotel will obtain guest's personal information through legal and impartial means. Illegal and fraudulent methods of obtaining information will not be practiced.

3. Specifying Purpose of Use
The Hotel must articulate is specific purpose of use and notify the individual by means of an official announcement. As a general rule, the Hotel will not change its purpose of use for acquired personal information. Upon receiving personal information, the Hotel will promptly inform the guest or publicly announce its purpose of use. The Hotel will proceed only after explaining the contents of the announcement and receiving consent from the guest. However, in the following situations personal information will be used outside of the purpose of use without the individual's consent:
1. Compliance with a law or ordinance;
2. Necessary to cooperate with public organization offices and getting consent of the guest would create a hinderance;
3. Necessary to protect human life, safety, and property but acquiring consent is difficult;
4. To improve public health or promote children's health but acquiring consent is difficult.

4. Safety Measures for the Protection of Personal Information
The Hotel will maintain personal information of guests accurately and take steps to prevent personal information from being lost, erased, falsified, or disclosed. To do this,increased crime counter measures have been put into effect, such as the Personal Information Protection Policy, the Personal Information Protection Manual, supervision of employees, enforcement of staff and employee training, investigation of irregular network access, and firewall installation. Information wil be managed using reasonable and appropriate safety measures.

5. Personal Information Disclosure, Revision, Suspension, Elimination
The Hotel will quickly correspond to requests to disclose, revise, suspend, or eliminate personal information.
1. Concerning requests, the Hotel does not have authority to directly enforce personal information matters.
2. Personal information is being managed as information that will be deleted within 6 months.
3. Personal information will be disclosed if the Hotel deems a situation endangers life, safety, property, or welfare and could be improved by the information.
4. Personal information will be disclosed if the Hotel deems there are illegal matters or illegal actions being caused or encouraged.
When a guest makes a request regarding their own personal information the Hotel asks for cooperation by having the individual present appropriate legal documentation or identification. Please understand contacting appropriate authorities concerning personal information extraction and the appropriate treatment will take a few days of preparation.
Concerning requests regarding personal information, there will be a processing fee.

6. Objectives for Public Announcement Modification
Plans are announced on the website The Hotel and its parent company will permanently have a paper copy of this objective. The plans will change according to necessity and the above mentioned measure will be communicated through public announcement; the contents of the change will be considered important and communicated by appropriate means either through public announcement or direct contact with the individual.

7. References Concerning Personal Information Requests
The Hotel will serve to be Personal Information Protection Supervisor. Relating to protection of personal information, Starts Naha Operations Co. Management Division will be head of Management to oversee thorough protection of personal information.

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